Suman Roy - The Community Leader


 Suman Roy has an extensive career in Private and Public sector business operations around the City of Toronto, Nationally and Internationally. His contributions have led to the development and support of numerous social planning programmes, business ventures and successful community initiatives.

Prior to entering a career in politics, Suman has been a corporate and executive chef in various organizations like Campbell Soup, University of Toronto, Bloorview Kids Rehab, to name a few. In his role in these organizations, Suman proved to be a very successful business leader, prioritizing in accountability while focusing on building a strong community. As a food activist, Food Insecurity has been very near and dear to Suman Roy’s heart. 


 He strongly believes that Food Insecurity is not a Food Issue, but a poverty issue, a child cost issue, a transit issue, an income issue. Social Equity is on the top of his chart. This is one of the reason why Suman ran for City Council, where he intends to influence policies in making Toronto a better place to live  

During 2010-2014, Suman Roy was a member of the Board of Health, where he advocated for funding for Student Nutrition Programmes, safe injection sites across our city. Suman has also been a member of Toronto Food Policy Council, during which he supported the launch of Toronto Youth Food Policy Council, giving the voice of our future generations. Suman was also one of the key consultants who helped write the first Food Strategy for the City of Toronto, proving his ability to work on Municipal policies.


 Currently, Suman is the Chair for the Board of Directors at Food Share Toronto, Canada’s largest food security organization, where he champions the motto – good healthy food for all. Suman is also a member of Coalition for Healthy School Food, where he advocates and lobbies the Federal government and the Senate on various food issues including Bill S228 (Child Health Protection Act), Bill C291 (GMO Labelling legislation etc. 

 As a tireless community advocate, Suman Roy has championed for expansions of farmers’ markets, community gardens, public green space and their upkeep around the ward. He continues to be a champion for sustainable living and environmental health around our city, province and country, at the same time, ensuring and promoting the vibrancy of the community and city.